Salaris Satya Nadella

  • CEO, Voorzitter raad van bestuur grote onderneming - Microsoft
  • Geboren: 1967 India
  • Jaar: € 23.034.500,00
  • Maand: € 1.919.541,67
  • Week: € 442.971,15
  • Dag: € 88.594,23
Satya Nadella

Annual earnings overview:
UsaToday May 2019: Most recent annual compensation: $25.8 million
CNBC Feb 2019: In the most recent fiscal year, which ended on June 30, Nadella received $25.8 million in total compensation, according to Microsoft’s most recent proxy statement.
Businessinsider Oct 2016: $17.7 million
Times of India April 2015: pay package $84.3 million.
Guardian Dec. 5, 2014: "Microsoft shareholders just cleared a fat $84m pay package for CEO Satya Nadella. The amount includes base pay, of $918,917, a $3.6m bonus and $79.8m in stock grants that won’t vest until 2019."
PCWorldBusiness: Base salary $1.2 million, cash bonus $3.6 million, stock award $13.2 million
MoneyCNN Feb, 2014: Nadella was Microsoft's second-highest paid executive last year, earning $7.7 million in salary, bonuses and stock grants. Microsoft has not yet announced Nadella's new compensation package.


Update: 2019-5



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