Salaris Cyril Ramaphosa

  • President - Zuid-Afrika (Met pensioen)
  • Geboren: 1952 Zuid-Afrika
  • Jaar: € 158.002,00
  • Maand: € 13.166,83
  • Week: € 3.038,50
  • Dag: € 607,70
Cyril Ramaphosa Feb. 2020: The commission has recommended that public representatives at national, provincial and local government levels, members of the judiciary and magistrates and traditional leaders, be paid between 3% and 4% more, backdated to April last year. The commission’s recommendations mean that Ramaphosa’s salary would increase from R2.99m to about R3.1m.

Businestech March 2019: Ramaphosa’s salary for 2019 is budgeted at R3.9 million,


Update: 2020-3



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