Norman Chan

  • Bankier, CEO van Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Geboren: 1954 China
  • Kinderen: 2
  • Jaar: € 1.153.051,00
  • Maand: € 96.087,58
  • Week: € 22.174,06
  • Dag: € 4.434,81
Norman Chan

Annual Earnings: South China Morning Post Dec. 2016: The city’s de facto central bank did disclose that its highest-paid employee -- most likely chief executive Norman Chan -- received between HK$10 million and HK$10.5 million ($1.350K) last year, with a raise of 5 per cent from 2014. That makes Chan the second-highest paid regulator in Hong Kong. Bloomberg June 2011: Hong Kong Monetary Authority Chief Executive Norman Chan got paid HK$7.5 million ($964,000) plus HK$868,000 in benefits.


Update: 2018-1


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