Ronald Koeman

  • Voetbal manager - Everton
  • Geboren: 1963 Nederland
  • Getrouwd
  • Kinderen: 3
  • Jaar: € 677.812,00
  • Maand: € 56.484,33
  • Week: € 13.034,85
  • Dag: € 2.606,97
Ronald Koeman

Koeman had a contract with Everton until June 2019, so he gets the Dutch FA salary, which was until last year 10% of his former salary Liverpool Echo March 2018: With Everton making up the difference between the wages he would receive from a new employer and the £6million salary he was earning on Merseyside, they were perturbed to discover the Dutch FA have agreed to pay Koeman less than 10 per cent of that £6million.


Update: 2019-6


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